Lecture Recordings: Clinical Disorders

The role of neuropsychology in epilepsy surgery lecture recording

Parkinson's Disease - cholinergic denervation and non-motor symptoms lecture recording

Identifying and treating persisting symptoms after concussion by Dr. Donna Broshek

Rehabilitation with Dr. Kirstine Carter

Non-epileptic seizures and other functional neurological disorders with Dr. Alison Buchholz

Disparities in Alzheimer's Disease Risk Factors for the Black Community with Dr. Kacie Deters

Contextual-level factors and delirium with Dr. Franchesca Arias

The journey from MCI to dementia with Dr. Naudia Moorley

Introduction to Lewy Body Dementia with Dr. Melissa J. Armstrong

Neuropsychology of FTD Syndromes with Dr. Adam Staffaroni.

Aphasia in Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias with Dr. Kendra M. Anderson

Sex and Gender in Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Resilience with Dr. Jessica Caldwell

The Role of Neuropsychology in Sickle Cell Disease with Dr. Grace Fong

Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Chronic Liver and Kidney Diseases with Dr. Robin Hilsabeck

Neurobehavioral Manifestations of Huntington Disease: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Considerations with Dr. Ciaran Considine

Medication Options of Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia by Dr. Dylan Wint

Neurodevelopmental disabilities - risk factors in pregnancy and birth lecture recording

Neuroimaging and cognitive features of CADASIL: A hereditary disease leading to the early onset of vascular cognitive impairment by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker

Pediatric brain tumors with Dr. Alice Ann Holland

Understanding Pediatric Brain Injury with Dr. Christine Koterba

Neuropsychology of Depression with Dr. Sara Weisenbach

Cognitive, functional, and psychiatric features of progressive supranuclear palsy with Dr. Adam Gerstenecker

Pharmacologic Treatment and Early Rehabilitation Outcomes in Pediatric Patients with Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis

Stroke Basics: Types, Neuropsychological Presentations, and Outcomes with Dr. Elaine Mahoney

Specific Learning Disorders with Dr. Erika Wesonga

ADHD Across the Lifespan with Dr. Donna Murdaugh

Neurocircuitry-Based Interventions for OCD by Dr. Nicole McLaughlin on November 14, 2022

Cognitive Functioning in Neuroendocrine Disorders with Dr. Suzanne Penna

Hearing and Dementia with Dr. Briana Auman

Clinicopathologic Concordance in Dementia Syndromes with Dr. Molly Mather

Conceptual Models and Biomarker Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease with Dr. Alexandra Clark

Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia by Dr. Jimmy Choi