Lecture Recordings: Clinical Practice

Cultural neuropsychology frameworks and intelligence testing in Latin American lecture recording

providing feedback and reviewing assessment results lecture recording

Inflammation and immune functioning in Alzheimer’s disease by Dr. Keenan Walker

Cross-sectional and longitudinal norms in neuropsychological decision making with Dr. Robert Heaton

COVID-19: The state of the literature and future direction with Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall

Computerized Cognitive Assessment for the early detection of neurodegenerative disease with Dr. Elena Tsoy

neuropsychological assessment of aging and cognitively impaired physicians lecture recording

How do I know if my patient declined? Improved? Stayed stable? Methods for determining cognitive change in the individual patient by Dr. Kevin Duff

The neuropsychology of everyday life by Dr. Seth Margolis, Dr. Jennifer Davis, Dr. Emily Hallowell, and Ms. Kelli Sullivan

Disparities in Neuropsychology: Examining the past, present, and what's possible for the future with Dr. Cristina Roman and Stephanie Torres

Population Neuropsycholoy: Community Centered Brain Health Research with Dr. Jennifer Manly

Neuropsychology in Neuro-oncology: An introduction to basic principles and practice models with Dr. Michael Parsons