Lecture Recordings: Professional Development

How to become a competitive neuropsychology intern and postdoc applicant lecture recording

neuropsychology around the world lecture recording

Advocacy in neuropsychology: Important considerations from the clinic to the profession by Dr. Valencia Montgomery

Business in Neuropsychology with Dr. Erica Dawson

Career pathways in neuropsychology with Dr. Laura Grande, Dr. Michael Williams, and Dr. Suzanne Penna

Work life integration with Dr. Laura Boxley and Dr. Pamela Dean

Fostering Leadership and Advocacy in Psychology with Dr. Mary Fernandez, Erin Kaseda, and Dr. Julia Maietta

neuropsychology history and systems lecture recording

Social media and networking in the field of neuropsychology by Dr. Chris Howard, Dr. Monica Rivera-Mindt, and Dr. Munro Cullum

Neuropsychology around the world: Part 2 by Dr. Jean Ikanga from Democratic Republic of the Congoand and Dr. Haya Al-Joudi from Saudi Arabia

Pragmatic advice for women in neuropsychology with Dr. Cynthia Kubu, Dr. Courtney Ray, and Dr. Michelle Madore

Path to Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology with Dr. Susan Lee, Dr. Clemente Vega, and Dr. Gretchen Berrios-Siervo

Developing Collaborative Supervision with BIPOC Trainees on Monday 10/31/2022 at 4:00pm EST with Dr. Lynette Abrams-Silva and Isabel Solis