Lecture Recordings: Research

integrating the scientist practitioner perspective into clinical practice lecture recording

neuropsychology of orbitofrontal dysfunction - from affect to decision making lecture recording

A primer on NIH fellowship and career development grants by Dr. Shawn McClintock

Deconstructing bilingualism and its sociocultural determinants for research on cognitive aging with Dr. Miguel Arce RenterĂ­a

Population Neuropsycholoy: Community Centered Brain Health Research with Dr. Jennifer Manly

Community Neuropsychology: Decolonizing Neuropsychology Research Alongside Communities with Dr. Mirelle Diaz-Santos on November 28, 2022.

mild cognitive impairment lecture recording

Anosognosia and Self-Awareness in Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions by Dr. Daniel Mograbi


Can we come to a consensus on chronic traumatic encephalopathy? with Dr. William Barr

Ecological momentary assessment of multiple sclerosis with Dr. Michelle Chen