Business in Neuropsychology

Erica Dawson, Ph.D., ABPP-CN

Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

Live lecture date: 3/15/2021

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*This quiz has a mixture of multiple-choice question and discussion questions.

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DISCUSSION: What aspects of graduate training/education seem to contribute to the lack of training or discussions related to the business of psychology? Given the importance of this issue, why you think there continues to be a dearth of research and graduate level training in this area of practice? Is this surprising to you given our Ethics Code?

FOLLOW-UP: How can this be better integrated into training? How will you integrate this into your future work with practicum students, interns, fellows?

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Adebayo works in a setting in which he largely is free from the stress and worry of having to know the precise details of his business practice. Based on the talk, he most likely works in which setting:

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Jorge is a newly licensed neuropsychologist. He sees a patient and submits billing to the insurance company, but later finds out that a pre-authorization was required. What is the likely outcome?

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Robin accepts a position with an academic institution. She finds out her wRVU expectations are quite high and that she is expected to cover her salary with clinical work. What is a potential consequence of this?

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Dinh is a neuropsychologist with training in forensic neuropsychology. He starts a new position at a University Hospital and wants to continue his practice at his new position. Which of the following might be the most important thing to consider?

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