Volume IX – [02/2024-04/2024]

Executive Functioning Strategies for Neuropsychologistspresented by Dr. Alexander Tan

Compensatory Cognitive Training/CogSMART for Neuropsychiatric Conditions – presented by Dr. Elizabeth Twamley

Medication Options for Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia – presented by Dr. Dylan Wint

Neuropsychology of Schizophrenia – presented by Dr. Jimmy Choi

Introduction to Forensic Neuropsychology Practicepresented by Dr. Michael Brook

Towards Open Science Neuropsychologypresented by the Cultural Neuropsychology Council

Introduction to Capacity Evaluation in Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Joshua Matyi

Volume VIII [09/2023-12/2023]
KnowNeuroanatomy Volume III – [07/2023 to 08/2023]

Basal Ganglia & Associated Disorderspresented by Dr. Erica Cotton

Emotion & the Amygdalapresented by Dr. Georgina Moreno

Memory: The Papez Circuit & Beyondpresented by Dr. Kyle Jennette

Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland/Hormones – presented by Dr. Nora Coultis

Subcortical Synthesispresented by Dr. Eva Garringer

Volume VII – [03/2023 to 05/2023]

Primary Care as a Front Door for Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Margaret Lanca

Caring for the Dementia Caregiverpresented by Dr. Maureen O’Connor

Sex and Gender in Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Resiliencepresented by Dr. Jessica Caldwell

Cognitive Functioning in Neuroendocrine Disorders presented by Dr. Suzanne Penna

The Role of Neuropsychology in Sickle Cell Diseasepresented by Dr. Grace Fong

Have You Heard? Hearing Loss and Dementia Riskpresented by Dr. Briana Auman

Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients Within the Context of Neuropsychological Evaluationspresented by Dr. Danielle Previ

Volume VI – [10/2022 to 12/2022]

Pediatric Rehabilitation Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Beth Slomine

Financial Decision Making in Older Adultspresented by Dr. Duke Han

Neuropsychology and Cardiovascular Function/Surgerypresented by Dr. Kalliopi Megari

Developing Collaborative Supervision with BIPOC Traineespresented by Dr. Lynette Abrams-Silva & Isabel Solis

Neurocircuitry-Based Treatments for OCDpresented by Dr. Nicole McLaughlin

Community Neuropsychology: Decolonizing Neuropsychology Research Alongside Communitiespresented by Dr. Mirella Díaz-Santos

Fostering Leadership and Advocacy in Psychologypresented by Dr. Mary Fernandes, Dr. Julia Maietta, & Erin Kaseda

Incorporating Technology Into Neuropsychological Assessmentpresented by Laura Campbell, Dr. Shifali Singh & Dr. Laura Umfleet

KnowNeuroanatomy Volume II – [07/2022 to 08/2022]

Neurodevelopmentpresented by Dr. Kim Ono

Neuroanatomy of the Brainstempresented by Dr. Kristin Crocfer

Cognition in the Little Brain: The Cerebellumpresented by Dr. Darlene Floden

Neuroanatomy of Sensory Pathwayspresented by Dr. Christine Mullen

Ventricular System and Cerebrospinal Fluidpresented by Dr. Irene Piryatinsky

Major White Matter Pathwayspresented by Dr. Robin Lester

Neuroimaging and Networkspresented by Dr. Kristina Visscher

Volume V – [02/2022 to 05/2022]

The Journey from MCI to Dementia: Assessing Impairment Across the Cognitive Spectrumpresented by Dr. Naudia Moorley

Stroke Basics: Types, Neuropsychological Presentations, and Outcomespresented by Dr. Elaine Mahoney

Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Interviewing Skills: Building Your Tool Kitpresented by Dr. Anita Herrera Hamilton

Fundamentals of Neuroimaging: Approaches to Cognitive Impairmentpresented by Dr. Licia Pacheco-Luna

Introduction to Lewy Body Dementiapresented by Dr. Melissa J. Armstrong

Lifestyle Strategies for Promoting Lifelong Brain Healthpresented by Dr. Vonetta M. Dotson

Specific Learning Disorderspresented by Dr. Erika Wesonga

Neuropsychology of FTD Syndromespresented by Dr. Adam Staffaroni

ADHD Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Donna Murdaugh

Aphasia in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (ADOD)presented by Dr. Kendra M. Anderson

Neurological Exam Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Golnaz Yadollahikhales

Feedback 360: Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Feedback Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Rachael Ellison

Volume IV – [09/2021 to 12/2021]
KnowNeuroanatomy Volume I – [07/2021 to 08/2021]

Introduction to Neuroanatomypresented by Dr. Chris Benjamin

Neuroanatomy of Languagepresented by Dr. Sara Pillay

Neuroanatomy of Visuospatial Abilitiespresented by Dr. Russell Bauer

Neuroanatomy of Emotional Functioning presented by Dr. Robert Bilder

Neuroanatomy of Executive Functioningpresented by Dr. Catherine Price

Neuroanatomy of Learning & Memorypresented by Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews

Neurovascular Neuroanatomypresented by Dr. Ronald Lazar

Volume III – [03/2021 to 05/2021]

Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Norms in Neuropsychological Decision Makingpresented by Dr. Robert Heaton

Business in Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Erica Dawson

Neuropsychological Rehabilitationpresented by Dr. Kirstine Carter

Deconstructing Bilingualism and its Sociocultural Determinants for Research on Cognitive Agingpresented by Dr. Miguel Arce Rentería

Understanding Pediatric Brain Injurypresented by Dr. Christine Koterba

Pragmatic Advice for Women in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Cynthia Kubu, Courtney Ray, & Michelle Madore

Disparities in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Cristina Román & Stephanie Torres

Non-Epileptic Seizures and Other Functional Neurological Disorderspresented by Dr. Alison Buchholz

Neuropsychology of Depressionpresented by Dr. Sara Weisenbach

Career Pathways in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Laura Grande, Michael Williams, & Suzanne Penna

COVID-19: The State of the Literature & Future Directionspresented by Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall

Can We Come to a Consensus on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy?presented by Dr. William Barr

Volume II – [09/2020 to 12/2020]

Neuroimaging and Cognitive features of CADASILpresented by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker

Social Media and Networking in the Field of Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Chris Howard, Monica Rivera Mindt, Munro Cullum

Methods for Determining Cognitive Change in the Individual Patientpresented by Dr. Kevin Duff

Anosognosia and Self-Awareness in Neurological and Psychiatric Conditionspresented by Dr. Daniel Mograbi

Identifying and Treating Persisting Symptoms after Concussionpresented by Dr. Donna Broshek

Advocacy in Neuropsychology: Important Considerations from the Clinic to the Professionpresented by Dr. Valencia Montgomery

A Primer on NIH Fellowship & Career Development Grantspresented by Dr. Shawn McClintock

Inflammatory & Immune Function in Alzheimer’s Diseasepresented by Dr. Keenan Walker

Pediatric Brain Tumorspresented by Dr. Alice Ann Holland

Neuropsychology Around the World: Saudi Arabia & Democratic Republic of the Congopresented by Drs. Haya Al-Joudi & Jean Ikanga

The Neuropsychology of Everyday Lifepresented by Drs. Jennifer D. Davis, Seth Margolis, Emily S. Hallowell, & Kelli L. Sullivan

Altered Neural Connectivity in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Neuropsychiatric Conditionspresented by Dr. Aarti Nair

Volume I – [04/2020 to 07/2020]

The Role of Neuropsychology in Epilepsy Surgerypresented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

How to Become a Competitive Neuropsychology Intern/Postdoc Applicantpresented by Drs. Lucas Driskell, Scott Sperling, & Victor Del Bene

Cultural Neuropsychology Frameworks & Intelligence Testing in Latin Americapresented by Dr. Emily Murriel

Integrating the Scientist-Practitioner Perspective into Clinical Practicepresented by Dr. Alexander Tan

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Risk Factors in Pregnancy & Birthpresented by Dr. Veronica Bordes Edgar

Neuropsychological Assessment of Aging & Cognitively Impaired Physicianspresented by Drs. Victor Del Bene & Charles Gaudet

Mild Cognitive Impairmentpresented by Dr. Katherine Bangen

Parkinson’s Disease: Cholinergic Denervation and Non-Motor Symptomspresented by Dr. Scott Sperling

Neuropsychology: History & Systemspresented by Dr. Cady Block

Providing Feedback to Patients & Familiespresented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

Neuropsychology of Orbitofrontal Dysfunctionpresented by Dr. Vidya Kamath

Neuropsychology Around the Worldpresented by Drs. Natalia Ojeda del Pozo, Bryce Mulligan, Mauricio Garcia-Barrera, Karen Blackmon, & Kemi Burgen