These KnowNeuropsychology / APPCN Collaboration Learning Questions are brought to you by a collaboration between KnowNeuropsychology & Association for Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology (APPCN) and are updated as new lectures are recorded.

Clinical Disorders NEW!

ADHD Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Donna Murdaugh

Aphasia in Alzheimer’s and Other Dementiaspresented by Dr. Kendra Anderson (coming soon!)

Cognitive, Functional, and Psychiatric Features of Progressive Supranuclear Palsypresented by Dr. Adam Gerstenecker

Identifying and Treating Persisting Symptoms after Concussionpresented by Dr. Donna Broshek

Introduction to Lewy Body Dementiapresented by Dr. Melissa Armstrong (coming soon!)

Learning Disorders Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Erika Wesonga (coming soon!)

Mild Cognitive Impairmentpresented by Dr. Katherine Bangen

Neuroimaging and Cognitive Features of CADASILpresented by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker NEW!

Neuropsychology in Neuro-oncology – presented by Dr. Michael Parsons

Neuropsychology of Depressionpresented by Dr. Sara Weisenbach (coming soon!)

Neuropsychology of FTD Syndromespresented by Dr. Adam Staffaroni

Neuropsychology of Orbitofrontal Dysfunctionpresented by Dr. Vidya Kamath

Non-epileptic Seizures and Other Functional Neurological Disorderspresented by Dr. Alison Buchholz

Parkinson’s Disease: Cholinergic Denervation and Non-motor Symptomspresented by Dr. Scott Sperling

Pediatric Brain Injurypresented by Dr. Christine Coterba NEW!

Pediatric Brain Tumorspresented by Dr. Alice Ann Holland NEW!

Stroke Basicspresented by Dr. Elaine Mahoney

The Journey from MCI to Dementiapresented by Dr. Naudia Moorley

The Role of Neuropsychology in Epilepsy Surgerypresented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

Neuroanatomy NEW!

Fundamentals of Neuroimagingpresented by Licia Pacheco-Luna, MD, PhD

Neurological Exam Across the Lifespan presented by Golnaz Yadollhikhales, MD (coming soon!)

KnowNeuroanatomy: Introduction to neuroanatomypresented by Dr. Christopher Benjamin

KnowNeuroanatomy: Cerebrovasculaturepresented by Dr. Ronald Lazar

KnowNeuroanatomy: Emotional Functioningpresented by Dr. Robert Bilder

KnowNeuroanatomy: Executive Functioning presented by Dr. Catherine Price NEW!

KnowNeuroanatomy: Learning and Memorypresented by Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews NEW!

KnowNeuroanatomy: Speech and Languagepresented by Dr. Sara Pillay

KnowNeuroanatomy: Visuospatial abilitiespresented by Dr. Russell Bauer NEW!

Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology NEW!

Culturally Competent Feedbackpresented by Dr. Rachael Ellison NEW!

Culturally Competent Pediatric Interviewingpresented by Dr. Anita Herrera Hamilton (coming soon!)

Disparities in Neuropsychology – presented by Dr. Cristina Rom├ín & Stephanie Torres NEW!

Clinical Practice

Reliable Change presented by Dr. Kevin Duff

Rehabilitation presented by Dr. Kirstine Carter

Providing Feedback to Patients & Families presented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

Business in Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Erica Dawson

Promoting Lifelong Brain Healthpresented by Dr. Vonetta Dotson

The KnowNeuropsychology / APPCN Collaboration would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance with generating questions & support of this initiative:

Kristen Caraher, PsyD, ABPP
Matthew Hall, PhD, ABPP
Joanna Huang, MA
Julia Maietta, PhD

Amelia Nelson, PhD, ABPP
Jennifer Nosker, PhD
Sara Sims, MS
Lexie Thomas, LMFT