Stay tuned for Volume 2 of our mini-series, KnowNeuroanatomy, starting on July 11, 2022!

KnowNeuroanatomy Volume 2. Neurodevelopment with Dr. Kim Ono on July 11 at 3pm ET. Brainstem with Dr. Kristin Crocfer on July 18 at 7pm ET. Cerebellum with Dr. Darlene Floden on July 25 at 4pm ET. Sensory Pathways with Dr. Christine Mullen on August 8 at 5pm ET. Ventricles with Dr. Irene Piryatinsky on August 15 at 12pm ET. White Matter with Dr. Robin Lester on August 22 at 6pm DT. Networks with Dr. Kristina Visscher on August 29 at 4:30pm ET.

In the meantime, lecture recordings for KnowNeuroanatomy Volume 1 can be found here.

KnowNeuroanatomy Didactic Series: Monday 7/12/21 @ 2pm EST, Introduction to Neuroanatomy with Dr. Chris Benjamin. Monday 7/19/21 @11am EST, Speech and Language with Dr. Sara Pillay. Monday 7/26/21 @12pm EST, Visuospatial abilities with Dr. Russell Bauer. Monday 8/9/21 @ 3pm EST, Emotional Functioning with Dr. Robert Bilder. Monday 8/16/21, Executive functioning with Dr. Catherine Price. Monday 8/23/21 @ 3pm EST, Learning and Memory with Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews. Monday 8/30/21 @ 4pm EST, Cerebrovasculature with Dr. Ronald Lazar.

Special thanks to KC Hewitt for her assistance with planning the 2021 edition of this mini-series!