Starting July 12th, 2021 we are pleased to announce our first 7-week mini-series covering topics related to neuroanatomy and clinical neuropsychology! Check out the full schedule below. Lectures will be posted on our website within the 7-10 days after the live lecture date.

KnowNeuroanatomy Didactic Series: Monday 7/12/21 @ 2pm EST, Introduction to Neuroanatomy with Dr. Chris Benjamin. Monday 7/19/21 @11am EST, Speech and Language with Dr. Sara Pillay. Monday 7/26/21 @12pm EST, Visuospatial abilities with Dr. Russell Bauer. Monday 8/9/21 @ 3pm EST, Emotional Functioning with Dr. Robert Bilder. Monday 8/16/21, Executive functioning with Dr. Catherine Price. Monday 8/23/21 @ 3pm EST, Learning and Memory with Dr. Mary Pat McAndrews. Monday 8/30/21 @ 4pm EST, Cerebrovasculature with Dr. Ronald Lazar.

Special thanks to KC Hewitt for her assistance with planning this mini-series!