Lectures by Topic

Clinical Disorders

The Role of Neuropsychology in Epilepsy Surgery – presented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Risk Factors in Pregnancy & Birth – presented by Dr. Veronica Bordes Edgar

Parkinson’s Disease: Cholinergic Denervation and Non-Motor Symptoms – presented by Dr. Scott Sperling

Neuroimaging and Cognitive features of CADASIL – presented by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker

Identifying and Treating Persisting Symptoms after Concussionpresented by Dr. Donna Broshek

Pediatric Brain Tumors – presented by Dr. Alice Ann Holland

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation – presented by Dr. Kirstine Carter

Understanding Pediatric Brain Injury – presented by Dr. Christine Koterba

Non-Epileptic Seizures and Other Functional Neurological Disorderspresented by Dr. Alison Buchholz

Neuropsychology of Depressionpresented by Dr. Sara Weisenbach

Disparities in Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Factors for the Black Communitypresented by Dr. Kacie Deters

Cognitive, Functional, and Psychiatric Features of Progressive Supranuclear Palsy – presented by Dr. Adam Gerstenecker

Contextual-level Factors and Deliriumpresented by Dr. Franchesca Arias

Pharmacologic Treatment and Early Rehabilitation Outcomes in Pediatric Patients with Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis – presented by Dr. Robyn Howarth

The Journey from MCI to Dementia: Assessing Impairment Across the Cognitive Spectrumpresented by Dr. Naudia Moorley

Stroke Basics: Types, Neuropsychological Presentations, and Outcomespresented by Dr. Elaine Mahoney

Introduction to Lewy Body Dementia presented by Dr. Melissa J. Armstrong

Specific Learning Disorderspresented by Dr. Erika Wesonga

Neuropsychology of FTD Syndromespresented by Dr. Adam Staffaroni

ADHD Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Donna Murdaugh

Aphasia in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias (ADOD)presented by Dr. Kendra M. Anderson

Neurocircuitry-Based Treatments for OCDpresented by Dr. Nicole McLaughlin

Sex and Gender in Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Resilience – presented by Dr. Jessica Z. K. Caldwell

Cognitive Functioning in Neuroendocrine Disorderspresented by Dr. Suzanne Penna

The Role of Neuropsychology in Sickle Cell Diseasepresented by Dr. Grace Fong

Have You Heard? Hearing Loss and Dementia Risk – presented by Dr. Briana Auman

Cognitive Dysfunction Associated with Chronic Liver and Kidney Diseasepresented by Dr. Robin Hilsabeck

Clinicopathologic Concordance in Dementia Syndromespresented by Dr. Molly Mather

Neurobehavioral Manifestations of Huntington’s Disease: Assessment and Management presented by Dr. Ciaran Considine

Conceptual Models and Biomarker Assessment of Alzheimer’s Diseasepresented by Dr. Alexandra Clark

Medication Options for Behavioral Symptoms of Dementia presented by Dr. Dylan Wint

Neuropsychology of Schizophreniapresented by Dr. Jimmy Choi

Clinical Practice

Cultural Neuropsychology Frameworks & Intelligence Testing in Latin America – presented by Dr. Emily Duggan

Neuropsychological Assessment of Aging & Cognitively Impaired Physicians – presented by Dr. Victor Del Bene & Charles Gaudet

Providing Feedback to Patients & Familiespresented by Dr. Amanda Gooding

Methods for Determining Cognitive Change in the Individual Patient – presented by Dr. Kevin Duff

Inflammatory & Immune Function in Alzheimer’s Diseasepresented by Dr. Keenan Walker

The Neuropsychology of Everyday Lifepresented by Dr. Jennifer D. Davis, Dr. Seth Margolis, Dr. Emily S. Hallowell, & Kelli L. Sullivan

Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Norms in Neuropsychological Decision Making – presented by Dr. Robert Heaton

Disparities in Neuropsychology: Examining the Past, Present, and What’s Possible for the Futurepresented by Dr. Cristina Román & Stephanie Torres

COVID-19: The State of the Literature & Future Directionspresented by Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall

Computerized Cognitive Assessment for Early Detection of Neurodegenerative Diseasepresented by Dr. Elena Tsoy

Neuropsychology in Neuro-Oncology: An Introduction to Basic Principles and Practice Models – presented by Dr. Michael Parsons

Adapting to the Language Needs of Patients and Families in the Pediatric Clinical Settingpresented by Dr. Beatriz (Tish) MacDonald

Neuropsychology Report Writing presented by Dr. Jacobus Donders

Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Interviewing Skills: Building Your Tool Kit – presented by Dr. Anita Herrera Hamilton

Fundamentals of Neuroimaging: Approaches to Cognitive Impairmentpresented by Dr. Licia Pacheco-Luna

Lifestyle Strategies for Promoting Lifelong Brain Healthpresented by Dr. Vonetta M. Dotson

The Neurological Exam Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Golnaz Yadollahikhales

Feedback 360: Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Feedback Across the Lifespanpresented by Dr. Rachael Ellison

Pediatric Rehabilitation Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Beth Slomine

Financial Decision Making in Older Adultspresented by Dr. Duke Han

Neuropsychology and Cardiovascular Function/Surgerypresented by Dr. Kalliopi Megari

Incorporating Technology Into Neuropsychological Assessmentpresented by Laura Campbell, Dr. Shifali Singh, & Dr. Laura Umfleet

Primary Care as a Front Door for Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Margaret Lanca

Caring for the Dementia Caregiver presented by Dr. Maureen K. O’Connor

Working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individualspresented by Dr. Danielle Previ

Brief Intervention Services for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussionpresented by Dr. Kelly McNally

Increasing Access to Care for Kids Through Tele-Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Lana Harder

Cognitive Rehabilitation in Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Chrystal Fullen

Compensatory Cognitive Training/CogSMART for Neuropsychiatric Conditionspresented by Dr. Elizabeth Twamley

Introduction to Forensic Neuropsychology Practice presented by Dr. Michael Brook

Introduction to Capacity Evaluation in Neuropsychology – presented by Dr. Joshua Matyi

Professional Development

How to Become a Competitive Neuropsychology Intern & Postdoc Applicant – presented by Drs. Lucas Driskell, Scott Sperling, & Victor Del Bene

Neuropsychology: History and Systems – presented by Dr. Cady Block

Neuropsychology Around the Worldpresented by Dr. Natalia Ojeda del Pozo, Dr. Bryce Mulligan, Dr. Mauricio Garcia-Barrera, Dr. Karen Blackmon, & Kemi Burgen

Social Media and Networking in the Field of Neuropsychology – presented by Drs. Chris Howard, Monica Rivera Mindt, & Munro Cullum

Advocacy in Neuropsychology: Important Considerations from the Clinic to the Profession – presented by Dr. Valencia Montgomery

Neuropsychology Around the World Part II presented by Drs. Haya Al-Joudi & Jean Ikanga

Business in Neuropsychologypresented by Dr. Erica Dawson

Pragmatic Advice for Women in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Cynthia Kubu, Courtney Ray, & Michelle Madore

Career Pathways in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Laura Grande, Michael Williams, & Suzanne Penna

Path to Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Susan M. Lee, Clemente Vega, & Gretchen Berrios-Siervo

Work-Life Integration in Neuropsychologypresented by Drs. Laura Boxley & Pamela Dean

Developing Collaborative Supervision with BIPOC Trainees – presented by Dr. Lynette Abrams-Silva & Isabel Solis

Fostering Leadership and Advocacy in Psychologypresented by Dr. Mary Fernandes, Erin Kaseda, & Dr. Julia Maietta

Executive Functioning Strategies for Neuropsychologists – presented by Dr. Alexander Tan