Feedback 360: Culturally Competent Neuropsychological Feedback Across the Lifespan

Rachael Ellison, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Associate DCT, Illinois Institute of Technology

Live lecture date: 05/16/2022

These learning questions are brought to you by the KnowNeuropsychology / APPCN collaboration.

*This quiz has two multiple-choice questions and two discussion questions.

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Discussion Question: What tips were recommended for enhancing patients’ understanding, learning, and memory of information discussed during feedback sessions? What have you tried, and what seemed to work (or not work) in your experience?

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Discussion Question: During the feedback session, what are some ways to improve a patient’s motivation to follow through with your recommendations?

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Dr. Ellison reviewed several ways to be intentional about the language we use during feedback. Which of the following was not listed as a recommendation?

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What is a specific recommendation Dr. Ellison provided that may help you to be more intentional about the order and structure of the feedback session?

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