KnowNeuropsychology FAQ’s

What is KnowNeuropsychology?

KnowNeuropsychology is a FREE didactic lecture series geared towards students, trainees, and all those interested in neuropsychology. Each week, lectures rotate between between our four core educational areas: (1) Clinical Disorders, (2) Professional Development, (3) Clinical Practice, and (4) Research related topics. See our Series Disclaimers here.

How do I participate/register? 

Register for the series via our registration form. Once registered, you will received weekly emails (Wednesdays) with details for the next talk. An email with the link to join the Zoom lecture will be sent out in the hour before the event for seamless connection. 

I’ve registered for the series but am no longer receiving the emails / The email updates come in sporadically (I get some but not all of them).  

Some email servers (e.g., university or company-based emails) may have more restrictive spam filters that keep our emails from getting to your inbox. If your internal email spam settings cannot be changed, email us at to connect an alternate email address. For our Gmail users: If you have the “Promotions” and “Social” inboxes enabled in your settings, our emails may not make it to your primary inbox (Gmail often puts them in the “Promotions” tab). If you would like to see our email updates in your primary inbox, please drag any KnowNeuropsychology email from the “Promotions” tab, to the “Primary” tab. Future emails from us will then be delivered to your primary inbox. 

Can I view previous lectures? 

Yes! All lectures are recorded and available for viewing on our website. Check out past lectures or use our menu options to find recordings within specific topic areas.  

Are CEU’s available for the didactic series? 

No. Unfortunately CEU’s are not available at this time. 

I’ve attended live lectures and/or have watched recorded lectures on your website. Can I put this on my resume/CV?

This lecture series is not intended to replace or substitute formal education in neuropsychology and so is not considered a formal training or didactic. You can list this series on your CV; however, you should refer to it only as a webinar series, not a course, internship, or official training experience. Please see our Series Disclaimers for more information.  

I need to document my didactic attendance as part of my training program. Do you provide proof of attendance?

No, unfortunately we are unable to provide proof of attendance. We recommend working with your supervisor to determine the best plan for documenting your didactic attendance. 

I have more questions! What should I do?

If your questions relate to logistics for our emails and when to expect Zoom links for the live lectures, check out our Email FAQ page. More questions? Please send all comments and inquires to You can also follow us on Twitter: @KnowNeuropsych