KnowNeuropsychology FAQs about series logistics

I am a new subscriber. What types of emails can I expect?

Weekly emails will be sent on Wednesdays with the option to add the week’s lecture information to your personal calendar in your time zone (i.e., Apple, Outlook, Google, Yahoo). Please note that the time zones displayed in the text of the calendar invite emails are in EST. You can expect Zoom link emails on the day of the lecture for easy connection (usually within 1-2 hours before the event).

I didn’t receive the Zoom link for the next lecture. What should I do?

Zoom link emails will be sent in the hour to two hours before the lecture for seamless connection to the event. Occasionally, email servers take a little while to deliver our emails to your inbox. If you still haven’t received the link within 20-30 minutes from the lecture’s start time, email us at and we can forward it directly to you.

I can’t make today’s lecture, but I am still interested in watching it. Are lectures recorded? Where and when can I access the recording?

You’re in luck! All of our lectures are recorded and posted on our website within 7-10 days after the live lecture date. Our Past Lectures page has different ways to search for recordings (by Volume, topic, etc.). You can also find a list of all of our past lecture recordings here.

I am really enjoying these lectures and want to share them with my department, students, peers, family, etc. What information can I share with them? Can I share the Zoom links?

We always appreciate when our viewers share the series with others! However, in order to keep our live lectures running smoothly and free of intruders, please do not share the Zoom links over public channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook). You are more than welcome to email the calendar links, website information, and Zoom links to your colleagues on the day of the event via closed department listservs/personal emails. You can also invite them to register for the series, or point them to our email address ( if they have further questions.

My question isn’t listed here. Where can I go for more information?

We have further FAQs listed on our KnowNeuropsychology General FAQ page. And as always, feel free to reach out via email ( Keep in mind, our email account is usually checked once per week and so it may take between 7-14 days for non-urgent inquiries to be addressed. Thank you for your patience and your support of the KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series!