KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series

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KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series - Volume 1
The role of neuropsychology in epilepsy surgery with Dr. Amanda Gooding
How to be a competitive fellow and intern with Dr. Lucas Driskell, Dr. Scott Sperling, and Dr. Victor Del Bene
Cultural neuropsychology frameworks and intelligence testing in Latin America with Dr. Emily Duggan
Integrating the scientist-practitioner model into clinical practice with Dr. Alexander Tan
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: Risk factors in pregnancy and birth with Dr. Veronica Bordes Edgar
Neuropsychological Assessment of aging and cognitively impaired physicians with Dr. Victor Del Bene and Charles Gaudet
Mild Cognitive Impairment with Dr. Katherine Bangen
Parkinson's Disease: Cholinergic denervation and non-motor symptoms with Dr. Scott Sperling
Neuropsychology: History and systems with Dr. Cady Block
Providing feedback to patients and families with Dr. Amanda Gooding
Neuropsychology of Orbitofrontal Dysfunction with Dr. Vidya Kamath
Neuropsychology Around the World

Neuroimaging and Cognitive features of CADASIL - a hereditary disease leading to the early onset of vascular cognitive impairment by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker
Professional Development: Social Media & Networking from 9/21/20 presented by: Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt, Dr. Chris Howard, Dr. Munro Cullum
How do I know if my patient declined? Improved? Stayed stable? Methods for determining cognitive change in the individual patient by Dr. Kevin Duff
Anosognosia and Self-Awareness in Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions by Dr. Daniel Mograbi
Identifying and treating persisting symptoms after concussion by Dr. Donna Broshek