Hanan Rafiuddin, M.S.

Hanan Rafiuddin is a Clinical Psychology doctoral student in the Neuropsychology track at the University of North Texas (UNT). Her doctoral research focuses on health disparities across racial/ethnic minoritized groups with dementia and age-related disorders. Hanan’s thesis for her Master’s degree focused on trauma exposure, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosocial and health disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic among South Asians in the United States. Her research interests in trauma/PTSD and health disparities fueled her passion and commitment for advocacy and taking a culturally competent, trauma-informed lens in her clinical work. Previously, she served a two-year term as a Diversity Committee Student Member and a one-year term as a Financial Coordinator with Psychology Advocates for Social Change (PASC) within the Psychology department at UNT. In addition to her position on the KnowNeuropsychology Committee, Hanan serves as a Student Liaison Lead in the Student Engagement Committee at New2Neuropsychology. She can be reached via email at HananRafiuddin@my.unt.edu or on X (Twitter) @HananRafiuddin.