Jennifer Nosker, M.A.

Jennifer Nosker is a doctoral candidate in the Fielding Graduate University Clinical Psychology Program with specialty training in neuropsychology. She is currently on internship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Before entering her doctoral program, she worked as a licensed clinical social worker providing mental health services to underserved and underinsured populations with medical conditions, which piqued her interest in neuropsychology. Since entering her doctoral program she has conducted research on the acquisition, maintenance, and loss of intellectual abilities and neuropsychological functions across the lifespan under the supervision of Henry V. Soper. Her research interests also include understanding the effect of cognitive fatigue on medical error and the impact of sleep on change in cognitive status. Clinically, she is interested in the provision of culturally sensitive neuropsychological services to medically complex patients. Her professional service includes co-leading the UAB-BVAMC ANST interest group and participating in a mentorship program for neuropsychology trainees. She can be reached at or over Twitter (@NoskerLee).