Karen Martinez, Ph.D.

Dr. Karen Martinez is a second-year neuropsychology fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Wichita State University and her pre-doctoral internship at the VA Connecticut Healthcare System – West Haven. Clinically, she enjoys working with a diverse range of clinical populations. Dr. Martinez’s research interests are centered around outcomes of traumatic brain injury, including the role of social determinants and aging in the context of traumatic brain injury. In addition to clinical work and research, she is passionate about teaching, clinical training, and mentorship with the primary goal of advancing the field of Neuropsychology through diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has taught numerous undergraduate psychology courses, helped create a curriculum of didactics for practicum students, and has formally and informally served in mentorship roles. Dr. Martinez can be reached at kmartinez@mcw.edu.