Lexie Thomas, MA, LMFT

Lexie Thomas is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at the Wright Institute focusing on Neuropsychology and Health Psychology. Before joining her program, she provided treatment at the intersection of trauma, addiction, and mental health with historically vulnerable and underserved communities in Northern California. Lexie aspires to provide culturally proficient neuropsychological services in clinical and forensic practice to the adult and older adult populations. Her clinical interests include neuropsychological assessment of individuals with acquired brain injuries and/or neurological illnesses, non-pharmacological interventions for neuropsychiatric symptoms, and legal issues related to the aging brain and brain injury. In addition to her service on the KnowNeuropsychology Committee, Lexie serves on the NAN Student & Post-Doctoral Resident Committee, the Northern California Neuropsychology Forum, the California Psychological Association (CPA) Ethics Committee, and the CPA of Graduate Students Board of Directors.