Josh Fox-Fuller, M.A.

Josh Fox-Fuller is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology Program at Boston University under the co-mentorship of Dr. Alice Cronin-Golomb and Dr. Yakeel T. Quiroz (Massachusetts General Hospital) and he is completing his predoctoral internship on the adult/geriatric neuropsychology track at the Emory University School of Medicine. After he graduates in the summer of 2023, Josh will begin his clinical neuropsychology and research fellowship at the University of Michigan. Josh’s research focuses broadly on two topics. First, he is interested in understanding the relationships between biological and cognitive markers of preclinical Alzheimer’s disease in mutation carriers (and non-carrier family members) of an autosomal dominant Alzheimer’s disease mutation whom are from Antioquia, Colombia. This research is supervised by his co-mentor, Dr. Quiroz, who directs the Multicultural Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Massachusetts General Hospital, and was supported by an F31 NRSA from the National Institute on Aging. Second, Josh is interested in the development of teleneuropsychology and other remote tools for cognitive assessment. As a co-founder of KnowNeuropsychology and Co-Chair of the International Neuropsychological Society’s Student Liaison Committee, Josh works to promote the open international exchange of neuropsychology research and education. He can be reached over email at or via twitter at @joshfoxfuller.