Social Media – Helpful Links and Resources

The Wellness Institute (2018): How to write a social media policy for your therapy practice

Pham et al. (2017): Challenged of emerging technology-Social networking and texting in pediatric neuropsychology practice

ASPPB Social Media Task Force (2020): Guidelines for the use of social media by psychologists in practice

Progress Notes Podcast (Ep. 8 – 2017): Psychologists, social media, and digital ethics

APA Publishing Resources (2018): Guidance for writing a social media post

APA Monitor on Psychology (2014): Best practices for an online world

Disclaimer: KnowNeuropsychology does not claim that the information in the above links represents best practices for social media use. It is the role of psychologists and trainees to determine the state of the current evidence and make informed decisions. The above resources only serve to provide a starting point for finding helpful information on this topic.