Tiffany Dangleben, M.S.

Tiffany Dangleben is a doctoral candidate in the North Carolina State University School Psychology Program with specialty training in neuropsychology. Before entering her doctoral program, Tiffany worked as a teacher’s assistant with toddlers and their family providing Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy techniques in accordance to their needs. Tiffany’s clinical and research experience centers a social justice and equity framework.  She aspires to treat all her patients with individualized care that celebrates their areas of cultural strength while addressing their immediate and long-term needs. Tiffany is particularly interested in continuing her engagement with pediatric patients and their families with neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological concerns, as well as providing therapeutic services. Her current doctoral research examines the use of Collaborative Therapeutic Neuropsychological Assessment practices during autism feedback sessions with Black families to explore relations between caretaker perspectives and their acquisition of recommendations. This project centers Black caretakers’ perspectives of support and collaboration with medical professionals, which has in turn fostered her skills as an empathetic and multiculturally competent clinician. Tiffany intends on furthering this line of research to create best practice guidelines for medical professionals when interacting with culturally and racially diverse patients. She is also interested in community partnerships with racial/ethnic minority communities, reducing disability stigma, and increasing healthy relationships between medical professionals and racial/ethnic minority communities. In addition to her service on the KnowNeuropsychology Committee,Tiffany is a founding member of the North Carolina State University’s Social Justice Task Force and former Vice President of the Black Graduate Student Association.