Upcoming Lectures

KnowNeuropsychology Volume 7 Schedule: Primary Care Neuropsychology with Dr. Maggie Lanca on March 6 at 2pm Eastern Time, Caring for the Dementia Caregiver with Dr. Maureen O’Connor on March 13 at 12pm ET, Sex and Gender in Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Resilience on March 27 at 4pm ET, Cognitive Functioning in Neuroendocrine Disorders with Dr. Suzanne Penna on April 10 at 1pm ET, The Role of Neuropsychology in Sickle Cell Disease with Dr. Grace Fong on April 17 at 3pm ET, Hearing and Dementia with Dr. Briana Auman on April 24 at 1pm ET, Minnesota Update Conference: The Future of Neuropsychology with Expert Neuropsychologist Panel on May 1, Time To be announced, Working with Deaf/Hard of Hearing Individuals with Dr. Danielle Previ on May 15, Time to be announced.