Upcoming Lectures

KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series Volume IV - 9/13/21 @ 5pm EST Population Neuropsychology: Community centered brain health research with Dr. Jennifer Manly. 9/20/21 @ 3pm EST Disparities in Alzheimer's disease risk factors for the black communities by Dr. Kacie Deters. 9/27/21 @2pm EST cognitive, functional, and psychiatric features of progressive supranuclear palsy by Dr. Adam Gerstenecker. 10/4/21 @ 5pm EST computerized cognitive assessment for early detection of neurodegenerative disease with Dr. Elena Tsoy. 10/11/21 @ 3pm EST central nervous system tumors by Dr. Michael Parsons. 10/18/21 @ 2pm EST path to pediatric clinical neuropsychology with Dr. Susan Lee, Dr. Gretchen Berrios-Siervo, and Dr. Clemente Vega. 10/25/21 @ 5pm EST contextual level factors and delirium with Dr. Franchesca Arias. 11/1/21 @ 4pm EST Ecological momentary assessment of multiple sclerosis symptoms with Dr. Michelle Chen. 11/15/21 @ 2pm EST working with interpreters with Dr. Beatriz MacDonald. 11/22/21 @ 2pm EST work life integration with Dr. Pamela Dean and Dr. Laura Boxley. 11/29/21 @ 11am EST Pharmacologic treatment in pediatric patients with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis by Dr. Robyn Howarth. 12/6/21 @ 10am EST report writing with Dr. Jacobus Donders.