Upcoming Lectures

KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series Topic Schedule: March 8th @ 4pm EST - Cross-sectional and longitudinal norms in neuropsychological decision making with Dr. Robert Heaton. March 15th @ 3pm EST - Business in Neuropsychology with Dr. Erica Dawson. March 22nd @ 4pm EST - Rehabilitation with Dr. Kirstine Carter. March 29th @ 2pm EST - Deconstructing bilingualism and its sociocultural determinants for research on cognitive aging with Dr. Miguel Arce Renteria. April 5th @ 3pm EST - Understanding pediatric brain injury with Dr. Christine Koterba. April 12th @ 4pm EST - Pragmatic advice for women in neuropsychology with Drs. Cindy Kubu, Michelle Madore, and Courtney Ray. April 19th @ 6pm EST - Health disparities in clinical neuropsychology with Stephanie Torres and Dr. Cristina Roman. April 26th @ 3pm EST - Non-epileptic seizures and other functional neurological disorders with Dr. Alison Buchholz. May 3rd @ 4pm EST time - Neuropsychology of Depression with Dr. Sara Weisenbach. May 10th @ 4pm EST - Career Pathways in Neuropsychology with Dr. Laura Grande, Dr. Michael Williams, and Dr. Suzanne Penna. May 17th @ 4pm EST - COVID-19 state of the literature and clinical implications with Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall. May 24th @ 3pm EST - Can we come to a consensus on chronic traumatic encephalopathy with Dr. William Barr.