KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series Volume II

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Month 1 Lectures

Neuroimaging and Cognitive features of CADASIL - a hereditary disease leading to the early onset of vascular cognitive impairment by Dr. Dorothee Schoemaker
Professional Development: Social Media & Networking from 9/21/20 presented by: Dr. Monica Rivera Mindt, Dr. Chris Howard, Dr. Munro Cullum

How do I know if my patient declined? Improved? Stayed stable? Methods for determining cognitive change in the individual patient by Dr. Kevin Duff
Anosognosia and Self-Awareness in Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions by Dr. Daniel Mograbi

Month 2 Lectures

Identifying and treating persisting symptoms after concussion by Dr. Donna Broshek
Advocacy in neuropsychology: Important considerations from the clinic to the profession by Dr. Valencia Montgomery
A Primer on NIH Fellowship and Career Development Grants - presented by Dr. Shawn McClintock
Inflammation and immune functioning in Alzheimer’s disease by Dr. Keenan Walker

Month 3 Lectures

Pediatric brain tumors with Dr. Alice Ann Holland
Neuropsychology around the world: Part 2 by Dr. Jean Ikanga from Democratic Republic of the Congo and Dr. Haya Al-Joudi from Saudi Arabia
The neuropsychology of everyday life by Dr. Seth Margolis, Dr. Jennifer Davis, Dr. Emily Hallowell, and Ms. Kelli Sullivan
Altered neural connectivity in autism spectrum disorder and related neuropsychiatric conditions by Dr. Aarti Nair