KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series Volume III

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Month 1 Lectures

The KnowNeuropsychology Didactic Series Volume III: Cross-sectional and longitudinal norms in neuropsychological decision making with Dr. Robert Heaton
Business in Neuropsychology with Dr. Erica Dawson
Rehabilitation with Dr. Kirstine Carter
Deconstructing bilingualism and its sociocultural determinants for research on cognitive aging with Dr. Miguel Arce RenterĂ­a

Month 2 Lectures

Understanding Pediatric Brain Injury with Dr. Christine Koterba
Pragmatic advice for women in neuropsychology with Dr. Cynthia Kubu, Dr. Courtney Ray, and Dr. Michelle Madore
Disparities in Neuropsychology: Examining the past, present, and what's possible for the future with Dr. Cristina Roman and Stephanie Torres
Non-epileptic seizures and other functional neurological disorders with Dr. Alison Buchholz

Month 3 Lectures

Neuropsychology of Depression with Dr. Sara Weisenbach
Career pathways in neuropsychology with Dr. Laura Grande, Dr. Michael Williams, and Dr. Suzanne Penna
COVID-19: The state of the literature and future direction with Dr. Tracy Vannorsdall
Can we come to a consensus on chronic traumatic encephalopathy? with Dr. William Barr